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Hotel Dnister
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Grand Hotel In Lviv
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Wien Hotel
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Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Uzhhorod

48.621, 22.306   www.carpatho-rusyn.org   

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Uzhhorod Castle à 0 km
Nevytsky Castle à 10 km
Zemplínska sírava à 27 km
Morské oko à 34 km
Montagnes de Vihorlat à 34 km
Château de Palanok à 35 km
Chynadiiovo à 42 km
Poloniny à 48 km
Stuzica à 54 km
Forêts primaires de hêtres des C... à 54 km
Füzér à 63 km
Nizná Mysla à 69 km
Parc national de Bieszczady à 75 km
Galerie de la Slovaquie de l'est à 78 km

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MDDAuhQvqJUv Dear Myron and Georges,thank you so very much for the comfort and wamrth of your fantastic apartments. Lviv is a wonderful city and its spirit is unforgettable. The atmosphere of the old city is inspiring, the unique architecture is breathtaking, people are friendly and nice.Living in your apartment was a true pleasure. It's like home, comfortable andbeautiful. Hope to return very soon. Thanks dearly for excellent job.All the best,Valentyna. 3eYbtwXT
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