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Île du Tinetto

44.024, 9.851   whc.unesco.org   

L'Île du Tinetto est une petite île située à l'extrémité occidentale du Golfe de La Spezia. Son territoire fait partie de la commune de Portovenere. Depuis 1997, l'Île du Tino ainsi que celles du Tinetto, de Palmaria, Portovenere et les Cinque Terre ont été admises au Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO. © Wikipédia

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Npn3bbNL0 I am another sruohetn girl married to an Italian military officer/pilot. I have been in Italy for the past years. I can understand both your points of view and most of that of your friend . I probably know her. That makes me sad. What I can tell you is that we often do miss home and want to go back. A large number of the guys who have married American girls have moved to the States when their commitment to the Marina Militare is finished and are flying for helicopter companies/comuter airlines or have found other jobs. They make great money and have purchased homes. Something that our husbands don't and many can not provide until 12/15 years in the military. (Have you been to visit military housing at Ceperana or Luni?, It's gross) Some women have gotten fed up and gone home. I can give you many reasons: Living in Catania or Taranto or Augusta for three to four years at a pop. You wouldn't like it. Living with a limited salary and you are not able to have stable employment to help out. Trying to raise children and possibly work with little or no help. Most of us have college degrees that are more useful as toilet paper here. We expected to do more and feel like we failed ourselves, parents, families. It is one thing to chose to live in this area, to still be single, to not have children, to be young, to have a companion who can make the time to be with you. I have been all of that and had all that and I can tell you that it is another thing to be the wife of an Italian military officer/pilot. It is great, it is hard, it is often very lonely, it can be scary. Sarzana/La Spezia has been a real treat after more than seven years in Sicilia/Puglia. Things are cleaner and better organized. There are major airports within more than a five hour drive. You don't have to sift so hard to find the good stuff. You learn to ignore the fake communism and the anti-americanism. You make friends, you go the beach, you teach a few English lessons, you turn on SKY/Fox news and the broadcast makes the US seem near and sometimes absurd. You adjust. For those of us who have lived here for many years we have seen Sarzana go from nothing, become something and now, I don't know, change, decline, whatever you want to call it. I live in the centro storico which is sort of like living at the mall 24/7. It has become a challenge, but it is still home and we love it. I pray that the local admin/Mayor Caleo will get their stuff together and clean it up. Lets hope La Spezia's ASL doesn't comletely destroy our beautiful hospital that was functioning quite well. Keep up your beautiful blog, it reminds me to remember all of the reasons I love it here, other than HIM, who I love most of all. il4leS6ljEZ